Guided beer tastings with an award-winning brewmaster from New York's Capital Region

Staff Training

It can be hard to get your servers and bartenders in for a house meeting, but this is one they'll enjoy so much, they won't realize they are learning. The more your staff knows about beer, the better they'll be able to answer customer questions. That will lead to higher beer sales, bigger tips, and more profit for you.

A one-hour course will teach your staff the basics of beer styles, flavors and food pairings without surpassing their attention span. We also taste beers during the class; that is what it's all about, after all!

The cost is $150 plus beer (which is not added if you supply house brands). About six, three-ounce samples are all that is imbibed during this course, so your staff will still be able to work the floor!

A discount is available if combined with the beer and food and beer menu courses.

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