Guided beer tastings with an award-winning brewmaster from New York's Capital Region

Private Parties

Professor Beer conducts beer tasting for all occassions, in the comfort of your own home! The precise format of the tasting can be customized, but some popular options include:

Beers of the World - an introduction to some of the world's more renowned beer styles.

Beers of Belgium - a sampling of beers from one of the planet's most interesting brewing cultures.

Beers of America - experience the beers of our Craft Beer Revolution.

Style-specific tasting - an in-depth exploration of your favorite type of beer.

The number of beers sampled varies, but will not exceed 32 ounces per person. We want to be able to remember what we've learned! Parties of up to 20 people cost $200 for about an hour and a half of beery entertainment, cost of beer not included.

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