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Recipe #1: Hefeweizen Pancakes
by George de Piro, Brewmaster C.H. Evans Brewing Company
at the Albany Pump Station (article copyright 2005)

No, my taste buds haven't gone funny. Replacing all the liquid in a time-tested pancake recipe with fresh Hefeweizen really makes a delicious difference! The fruity and spicy flavors of the wheat beer will come through on your breakfast plate. These pancakes deserve real maple syrup.

1.5 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons sugar (minimally refined; or use 4 tablespoons light malt extract)

1.75 teaspoons double-acting baking soda

Place the above ingredients in a bowl. In a different bowl, combine:

2 slightly beaten eggs

3 tablespoons melted butter (or cannola oil if you want to be more healthy)

1 to 1.25 cups fresh Hefeweizen

Mix the liquid ingredients quickly into the dry, being careful not to over-mix; a few lumps are not only acceptable, but desirable! If you have the time, allow the batter to rest in a refrigersted environment.

Laddle the batter into an ungreased pan over medium heat and flip when bubbles break the surface. Watch side two carefully; it will cook faster than the first! Serve at once with real maple syrup.